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More even when they act in service of religion, there is room for individual creative expression. In the oral arts, for example, the audience is much more interested in the delivery and representation of the artist who in the particular God whom the interpreter is directed.

Locating art The aesthetic value is a way to distinguish art. Another way is to consider your location. If something is shown in a museum, or on another socially accepted artistic scenario, someone at least should think that it is art. Although tribal societies usually lack museums, they can maintain special areas where artistic expression takes place. An example, which is studied later, is the separate space where ornamental funeral posts are manufactured between the TiWi of Northern Australia. Will we recognize art if we see it? Art has been defined as what involves what is beautiful and has meaning more than ordinary. But beauty is not in the eye of the observer? Does the reactions before art differ among the spectators? And, if there can be secular rituals, can there be ordinary art? The borders between what is art and what is not vanish. The American artist Andy Warhol is famous for transforming Campbell’s soup cans, bright rugs and images of Marilyn Monroe in art. Many recent artists, such as Christo (see the previous photograph), have tried to erase the distinction between ordinary art and life by converting the everyday art into a work of art. If something is produced by mass or is modified industrially, can it be art? Prints made as part of a series can certainly be considered art. Sculptures that are created in clay and then cue with molten metal, such as bronze, in a foundry, are also art. But, how do you know if a movie is art? Star Wars is art? And what about El Ciuda-

Dano Kane? When a book wins a National Book Award, is it immediately raised to the art category? What types of prizes constitute art? The objects that would never be seen as art, as an olivetti typewriter, can be transformed into art when placed in a museum, such as modern art of New York. Jacques Maquet (1986) distinguishes such “art for transformation” of art created and with the intention of being art, which he calls “art by destiny”. Societies-state have had to support critics, judges and experts to say what art is and what is not.

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