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The question posed by this reboot is: How could it have seen the light of day? In Hollywood, someone thought it was a good idea to relaunch a series that had had some critical success but had never caught on with the public (Katims, after all, is one of the most emotional screenwriters out there). They asked Carina Adly Mackenzie, a woman who had worked on The Originals, a series on the same channel The CW where Roswell, New Mexico is broadcast in the United States, for a script.

The directors of the channel (who we assume very freely that they can read and have reading comprehension) read the text that does not have any new or refreshing ideas and decided to give the green light to the production of a pilot. Could it be because the love story between the human and the extraterrestrial is sold in a very obvious way as a metaphor about a relationship with an undocumented person thanks to the fact that the girl, a Latina, is horrified by the construction of Donald Trump’s wall?

This pilot episode was given to Julie Plec to direct. So that we understand who Julie Plec is, she is a producer and screenwriter with a lot of weight in The CW because of her experience in the teen genre. She was on Kyle XY, was the creator of The Vampire Diaries along with Kevin Williamson, and has been the creator of The Originals and Legacies, the vampire spin-offs. Of course, beyond ignoring that the universes created by this woman are always going to collapse on a creative level, it is impossible not to question how they could do this commission.

You can’t understand why the directors read the script, saw the pilot and decided to produce a season

Plec had little experience as a television director (an episode of Riverdale) to give her the reins of direction, to create the visual identity of Roswell, New Mexico, a very important factor considering that the script was not worth a penny. And, seeing the result, it is clear that she did not have a single good idea with a budget that we can imagine fair.

The cast is not saved here either, for the record. Nathan Dean Parsons, who plays Max Evans, has less charisma than a rock in the New Mexico desert and Jeanine Mason, who is the human in love with an alien, is unable to sell us that she is a full-fledged woman as everyone tells us. While that is (that lack of talent we had already seen in Grey’s Anatomy, by the way, where she played the former DeLuca resident).

After seeing the pilot that Carina Adly Mackenzie and Julie Plec offered them, it is normal and understandable that the fiction managers of The CW had ordered the sets to be burned and that any evidence that this masterpiece of mediocrity and lack talent would never have existed. But (surprise!) They decided to order a first season possibly because (and here comes another guess) they buy any scraps from Plec that he produces so he once got the first few seasons of The Vampire Diaries right.

There are series that are theoretically worse but at least they risk a little. There are those who have a good idea hidden in a failed staging. There are those that are bad and you notice that they want to be because they know that they will work in a specific audience. There are those that have a correct premise that the actors sink or the other way around. And there are also series that have mediocre first riders but are given the green light because there is potential. But this Roswell, New Mexico is nowhere, it is a project done with automatic pilot because they knew the brand, because they had worked with those responsible and because no one in their right mind could say “hey, we cannot produce this waste without personality that it made sense in our heads but that is nonsense ”.

So, if you come across Roswell, New Mexico on HBO Spain, don’t waste your time. Flees. It is so nothing (and without a hint of comedy) that you can not even laugh at it. You can only get bored while watching all the platitudes, clichés, and predictable script twists happen one after another, with absolutely nothing to entertain you.

Do not waste your time. Flees. It’s so nothing (and no hint of comedy) that you can’t even laugh at it

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